DAY 2- Something I Feel Strongly About

Pet owners.

In case anyone didn’t know, I’m about to get my certification to become a vet tech, I’m currently and vet assistant (which is just the same thing as a tech, just without the schooling and certification and pay) and I work the emergency shift at an amazing animal hospital. Since I work emergency, I see some pretty fucked up stuff.

I think that a lot of people think that you’re supposed to own a pet, thats part of life, part of growing up. But so many people don’t take into consideration that these animals can get sick too. And when they get sick, they need treatment, which costs money… and sometimes… it can cost a lot of money.

Let’s take Parvo for example. Parvo is a virus that can survive in the AZ dirt for up to 7 years. It affects puppy’s mostly… 91% of untreated cases result in death… and its a messy, bloody, sad death (they lose all their albumin which causes their intestines to be shit and vomited out in bloody chunks). 

THIS IS SOMETHING THAT DOGS SHOULD BE VACCINATED FOR. In fact, most clinics will have a “puppy package” that includes all 3-4 of their starter vaccines. Each vaccine costs about $20 (sometimes less even) AND THEN THEY ARE PROTECTED. On the contrast… if a dog is not vaccinated and comes in contact with the EXTREMELY contagious Parvovirus, treatment is usually upwards from $1000… my clinic usually is about $2000… sometimes more depending on how aggressive the disease manifested in the puppy. 

If the owners can’t afford it, and all other payment options are exhausted (we do what we can, we can’t hand out free service to people, however, we try our best and offer many options) EUTHANASIA (putting the dog to sleep, killing the dog) is warranted because otherwise they will suffer a horrible death

Summer is upon us and thats when Parvo comes alive. I’ve been in this business for almost 4 years now and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to euthanize beautiful baby dogs just because owners were negligent and didn’t get their dogs vaccinated.

It infuriates me. 

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